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Well, if you didn’t know me before this blog you have to know now that I’m in Milan, Italy, at least 5 Times a year for work. I do my courses there because Germany doesn’t give me that THANG I’m looking for in Hair-Fashion and head-proportion-building that I’m aiming for. To know more about our work just follow our Instagram account.

But now let’s move on and talk about what I wanted to share with you guys.

Many persons already asked me: where can I eat, what do you recommend?

First of all I have to admit that I’ve so often visited that city but always ended up in the same places… Don’t know why but as lazy as I am I never got to visit many different locations…

So the recommendations I have to give you now are BULLETPROOF 😀

 Monuments, Buildings & Spots:

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele & Il Duomo di Milano.
You will find the Duomo and the Galleria beside to each other.
They both have an amazing history and Architectonic structure… If you are like me, you will be amazed of how human beings are able to put up such a work of art… The beauty of every single detail is off the chain and leaves me breathless EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Near the Duomo you will find countless possibilities to shop and eat. I love the Rinascente on the left of the Duomo. It’s a 8 Floor shopping Center that houses the highest brands of the planet. Such as Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Louboutin ecc. The first Floor has only Makeup and Fragrances… My place 😀

There’s a few Monumental things more you have to visit: the Cimitero Monumentale or Castello Sforzesco with the Parco Sempione, Santa Maria Delle Grazie.


The 7th Floor of the Rinascente has a FoodArea you will find Obicá. You can sit outside overviewing the Duomo. The view is amazing and if you’re lucky enough you will have the same view as I had back in October 2017 watching God creating ART. Cerisio7 is also amazing.

In the REAL center of Milano (including me everybody thinks that the Duomo is the center) Garibaldi, you can find a little Restaurant which I absolutely adore La vecchia Lira for Italian traditional kitchen. Also PastaMadre was absolutely delicious and Trattoria Aurora offers traditional Milanese Kitchen!

If you want pizza on the go I highly recommend Lievitá (this is serious… Pizza BRONTESE) or Cocciuto.

Breaksfeast in italy is a good Cornetto and Caffé. And oh, Coffee… ‚Caffè‘ in Italy, is what we call Espresso here. So if you wanna sound like you know what you’re talking about order a Caffè at the Bar or wherever you are. Caffè Americano is the Coffee we call Coffee.

Without the shadow of a doubt it ADORE Marchesi and Cucchi for Breakfast. I’m really not into no American-Style Breakfast.

The Starbucks Resever offers a Coffee Called ‚Piemontese‘. Sweet Baby Jesus: if you love Hazelnut as much as I do… You’ll die there :D. Also the place in itself is pretty impressive.

Otherwise, and about this I’m so serious, you can eat WHEREVER YOU WANT in Italy… There’s no place I’ve ever been where I didn’t like the food!

It’s not a Myth that Italy has one of the best kitchens in the world… They care a lot about quality in their food and the vegetables and the fruits just taste different… 


In this particular case I can’t give any good recommendations… Because everyone has a different taste and has different needs.
But one B&B that really got my heart, but unfortunately is too far away from the Academy I’m visiting. It was Bed & Breakfast di Porta Tosa. A beautiful place, wonderful Rooms and a sophisticated and good Breakfast!

Otherwise I stayed and enjoyed these Hotels:

Altido Galleria


Sina De La Ville

Grand Hotel Villa Torretta is the most amazing one. But it’s completely outside Milan and you’ll need a Metro or a Taxi to get wherever you wanna go.

To conclude I recommend to let your feet lead the way… You will find wonderful places, buildings and corners where you will find beauty and something that attracts your eyes.

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