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Song: Treading Water – Chris Brown

Hey everybody.

Today I will tell you a little something about our beautiful rental-home in Son Serra De Marina.

My wife is almost always in charge of our vacation spots, hotels or houses. Nobody better than her, I guarantee you!

So I said to her: Baby, I want a house directly on the beach, I wanna hear the ocean and I’ve always dreamed of a situation where I can lay in the bed and still see the ocean from big big windows!

Said and done:

We had a 3-Story-House with a beautiful and breathtaking view, Pool, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

My favorite colors in just one picture: white, beige, gold, black and blue.

It looks and it was amazing… We were so amazed that we totally forgot that we have a almost 3 year old daughter…

Now every parent might understand what that means: they wanna walk, explore, ignore what you say, are stubborn and cute and the same time…

And now: do you see what I see (now, after we’ve been there?)

I see steep, slicky stairs, with no barriers or even doors… Can you imagine what happened? NO, she didn’t fall and she didn’t get hurt… And that is the whole thing now… It took us EVERYTHING to not gonna let that happen…

No, come down

No, don’t go down

No, leave the stairs alone

No, no, no, no and no.

It was horrible and we didn’t enjoy this wonderful house at all…

I am a person who loves his freedom… So is my daughter, Tamia… But in this case she got so frustrated that it made everything just worser and worser.

To make a long Horror-Story short: If you ever want to rent a House for your Family and you have a child that isn’t very much listening to what you have to say, you might wanna check if they have doors or barriers to have a nice and peaceful trip 🙂 I wish I would’ve had somebody who made me realise this by looking closer to the pictures and their, and this is almost embarrassing, description.

BUT, I can recommend this house to EVERYBODY! We were so close to paradise… I felt like I’m dreaming! I mean you lay in your bed and hear the ocean… That’s like a dream come true to me… It reminds me of my vacations when I went to Italy with my parents. We ALWAYS had a house on the beach! Besides all the issues with that little, sweet and naughty child of mine, we had a good time there! I read a book and enjoyed the sun and soaked up the ocean! I love the golden hours – like almost every person on this planet.

I read a book of Chanel. I love to get inspired by successful people… It makes me grow more and have allows me to have a different point of view on certain topics… And at times I also recognise paralleles to my own thoughts. And that is kinda flattering because to me that means that I’m not doing everything wrong even if many people say the exact opposite.

And now, ladies and gentleman the best part:

I didn’t take my phone with me this time. YEP. No insta, no blogs, no WhatsApp. Nothing!

And I have to admit that I realised 2 things whilst that week besides the fact that it had an insane impact on my sleeping behaviour. I always fall asleep easily but I’m always a little nervous and twirly…

  1. We’re absolutely addicted to all that social media crap. Now that I didn’t have that I saw my wife and our friend Laura spending hours and hours on that phone instead of reading or simply watch the ocean move. That was sad and I was completely shocked, because I would’ve done the same thing if I had my phone with me… that made me come to

  2. no more Delucahair Instagram for me. I’ve spent too much time on that and in the end for NOTHING. Nobody gives you that time back… it’s lost. And I, or we, give away the chance to create an environment for real social connection. Talking, discussing, laughing and all the things that come along with humans spending time with other humans. My assistant now does the social media part for my business account. And it was, by now, the best idea and the best decision.

Does this sound familiar to you? Give it a try: leave the house without your phone and don’t take it with you in vacations… you’ll see the countless benefits out of it…!

Enjoy the pictures and thanks for reading.

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