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Album I’m listening: Giorgia – Dietro le apparenze

Hey everybody!

I went to Rome earlier this month to visit the concert of one of my most favorite singers of all time. The Italian Whintey Houston: Giorgia.

Sadly, this is not going to be a Travel-Guide or something like that. We didn’t have the time to explore and see everything that Rome has to offer.

We, a long time friend and I, arrived on March 1st after 12 hours of driving and the worst part of that weren’t even the Italians who were absolutely challenged driving cars with a little bit of snow on the ground (we from the Schwarzwald are Pro’s, aight?). I had the flue… So there’s no need to talk about that anymore… You all know what that means.

I had the pressure of 1) being in Rome and risk to not gonna see Rome 2) to jeopardize the Concert… and that’s something I couldn’t do!

So the next day, concert day, we went to the centre of the city and visited the most common places.

We visited the Vatican Museum and the Saint Angelo’s Castle.

If you know me by now you will know how very impressed I was by the architecture and art. It was breathtaking and worth the wait.

So here’s a tip for you that we didn’t use: BOOK A GUIDE.. Too many informations, too many things you will see but actually will never know what that was and meant. So if I would go again I would definitely book a guide! We didn’t have the time to book one, but we should’ve waited.

I can’t say much about the city – I’ve seen just a little tiny part of it… If I’ll ever go again I would have to go a week or so… And as I said I haven’t had the best condition to visit a city!

After all those beautiful things we’ve seen we went back to the hotel and relaxed a little bit. I tried to ignore my flue and stayed in bed to sleep a little bit. After a power nap we went to the concert and what can I say… She’s spectacular. I love her… Vocal control, feeling and awesomeness in one tiny woman… She’s amazing…

Let the pictures (just a few of the remaining 200 pictures I edited) talk 🙂

Hear you soon.

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