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Funny facts about theses pictures:

Noemi, the Model, was one of the women I ALWAYS wanted to make or do pictures of and with. In my opinion she’s a BLAST.

She’s so beautiful and she doesn’t even know it. Maybe it’s this fact that makes her even more beautiful. When I uploaded one picture of her on Instagram, I got one comment that made me reflect. There was this woman, that commented on one of Noemis pictures saying, that it’s sad that one can still see pores on the picture I took when on her own pictures on Instagram you never noticed that. I’m not attacking this woman. I know that she isn’t the only one. She just made me think: and so what?

She’s who she is. She has pores. She knows that. And I know that. I might as well could’ve pasted-up her whole face with full coverage foundation to hide who she is and where her negative spots are. I know that the fashion Industry is all into that. But what I also know is that women, that have those types of problems start to hate themselves because nobody every shows reality in public or on pictures. I know one friend of mine who told me that she’s not even able to post a picture of her anymore without putting that butterfly-goldish-instagram-filter on her… That’s so sad… So sad to see.

How am I ever gonna teach my daughter to love herself when we live in such a sick and awful society? What the heck is going on in this world? If you didn’t know me by now, now you will know this: I don’t give a s*** about what society believes is beautiful. I don’t care what everybody is trying to fake and show.

I see her as the women, she is. She looks beautiful, strong and confident. She has a great style (always had. She was born with that) and good and genuine beliefs. With those eyes, nose, lips and jaw-line she has, who the h*** cares about her pores. Let pores be pores.

If you’re lucky enough to have a perfect skin, that’s amazing for you. If not – you can help yourself with makeup and GOOOOOD skincare. But keep in mind that you have to take that off sooner or later. But that’s the same with alcohol. If you drink too much, your problems won’t be gone. If you put too much makeup on, in the evening when you remove your makeup, your face is your face. It’s yours. Appreciate that. And now, ladies and gents: NOEMI

Hair: Noemi
Makeup: me
Clothes: Noemi

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